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The Medieval Trinitarian Priory of the Holy Trinity

Easton Royal

The purpose of the project was to create a visual interpretation of the lost medieval priory of the Trinitarian Order , using a number of non-intrusive surveying methods which produced a series of results. These results indicated possible structures relating to this period of history. Working alongside experts and cross-referencing with other known sites, we were able to create a 3d virtual model showing how the priory may have looked like during 1369, the late medieval period.

Here are some examples of the digital components within the Trinitarian project.

You can view the full reports commissioned for the project which cover the following areas;

You can also view the introduction section of the documentary below, which tells the story of the origins of the order and includes filmed interviews with experts.

We were also able to produce the 3d animation above, showing how the site may have looked in the 14th century. This was based on a geophysical survey which was undertaken as part of the project . The results and research information were then cross referenced with other known sites and buildings. This work was undertaken by specialist historians and archaeologists.

The Origins of the Trinitarians