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Interpreting your past for the future

“We are passionate about history, memories, objects, places, buildings, archaeology and the rich history of the landscape."


2019 Rural Crafts Project

Bee Keeping


2019 The Harnham Water Meadows Project

'Promoting, recording and conserving the rural crafts of South Wiltshire. This rural heritage is of national importance and is relevant to our community today, as it can stimulate the economy, help the environment, enrich lives and contribute to a positive message of well-being for the community and beyond'.

2018 Hook History Society

Working with the Hook History Society to create an interactve resource for the local community.

Watch Mark Corney talk about Round houses

Go to www.teachingtopics.co.uk

Test pit dig - 2017/2018

We have been working with a local history society who have been digging test pits in and around their village to establish the earliest known origins and pattern of occupation. The project has also involved looking at an earlier settlement and earlier manor and church to the south of the current village. The garden test pits have unearthed pottery from as early as the Roman period, through to post medieval and have involved the local school as well as young adults from Fairfield Farm College. The results and interpretation will soon be available on their new society website.

Keep checking back -  to see what's been found

 WW1 Project - Working with a Wiltshire History Group - to produce a WW1 educational interactive.

Discovering carpenters marks on a 16th century building.