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Interpreting your past for the future

“We are passionate about history, memories, objects, places, buildings, archaeology and the rich history of the landscape."

'Talk of the Town' was a grant funded project, which told the story of Porthleven in Cornwall. Interviewing local residents about their memories, helped to bring to life their story. From its early origins and the establishment of the harbour to boat building, fishing and smuggling, this documentary tells the story of this Cornish town.

Residents Quotes

'We learnt things about our fathers and grandfathers we never knew'

'Moved to tears'

'The history is fascinating'

'You have just woken up Porthleven when we needed it most'

As part of the project other activities took place to encourage local people to get involved in the making of the documentary from research, collating archive images and writing text for the audio. The finished documentary is now a dvd and is also viewable online.

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