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Interpreting your past for the future

“We are passionate about history, memories, objects, places, buildings, archaeology and the rich history of the landscape."

The Rural Craft Project

The brief was to help record, conserve and promote the rural crafts of South Wiltshire. Artefact would help to create materials, including exhibitions, a young learners pack, as well as an interactive with a filmed documentary, telling the story of rural crafts.

picture of Rural Crafts Interactive on laptopThe Rural Crafts interactive was PC and Mac compatible. This picture shows one of the image galleries in action.

The society would also host an open day where crafts people would demonstrate their traditional skills including green woodworking, weaving, pottery, bee keeping, lace making and basket weaving.

Oral histories were also collated from practitioners, helping to promote their place in the rural calendar, and how they enrich the environment and impact positively on the community.

Spinning wheel
Rural Crafts Day
Basket Making

Our rural heritage is of national importance and relevant to our lives today, as it can stimulate the economy, help the environment, enrich lives and, contribute to a positive message of well-being for the community and beyond. It is also essential that it is recorded and researched in order to conserve these ancient practices for future generations.