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Interpreting your past for the future

“We are passionate about history, memories, objects, places, buildings, archaeology and the rich history of the landscape."

Filmed interviews and Heritage Documentaries

We are experienced, award-winning, heritage documentary makers. Our films have covered diverse heritage themes ranging from World war One to the Watermeadows of the Wylye valley.

This can be a great low-cost way to bring together the information that you have to create an interpretation that  can allow your community  or visitors to engage with themes, collections or complete chronologies  and ensures  access for people of all ages and interests.

We can use experts from your community or we can put you in touch with experts in the field.

We also offer actor reconstructions and use archive film and photographs, as well as artefacts and archive images to tell the heritage story.


Trowbridge Castle

Digging a Test Pit